Using Bijingo

These tutorial videos provide detailed “how-to”s for using specific bijingo functions and features.

Episode Description Length
Changing your bijingo password How bijingo users can change their password in both the web app and mobile timesheet app. 2:57
Adding and Managing bijingo Resources How to add a new licensed resource, and clone the resource profile and user roles; How unlicensed, generic resources are created and used. 10:12
Running bijingo Project Integration How to link and synchronise data fields in an external ERP or Financial system to bijingo projects, so bijingo can be used for project reporting using data from bijingo and the external system. 6:09
Using the bijingo Timesheet – Web App How to use the timesheet in the bijingo web application. 9:00
Using the bijingo Timesheet – Mobile App How to use the timesheet in the bijingo mobile application. 12:10
How to Use the bijingo Project Journal How to use the bijingo Project Journal to record project status values, codes and commentary for project reporting. 12:00
The bijingo Report Centre Overview 15:47
Designing the High Level Project Report ow to design report templates of the High-level Project type. 13:45
Configuring High Level Project Reports How to configure reports of the High-level Project type from an existing template 9:14

What’s New in bijingo Series

Highlights new functions and capability in new releases of bijingo

Episode Description Length
What’s New in bijingo Release 4.7 and 4.8 New Resource Management Functions:

  • Resource Profile Cloning;
  • Add Resources to Project Team changes;
  • Resource Assignment Form;
  • Resource Outlook Form (review resource workload, swap tool);
  • Assignment Authorisation;
  • Resource Usage Graph;