Product Services

We provide a diverse range of services to help get projects up and running more smoothly. From PMO to process design we can provide a solution for you. We can provide a specialist resource to complete an end to end solution.


Product Specialist Consultant
This allows us to help you implement our products in a cost effective way that focuses on delivering business benefits that can be measured and delivered in your time frames.

Process Creation Consultant
This allows us to help you develop consistent processes across your portfolio of projects at an appropriate level to where your project management maturity is now and tailor these processes to be scalable to where your organisation wants to be in the future.

Process Implementation Consultant
Managing change is one of the key areas of implementing new process. Our consultants have guided many customers through this process to achieve the required business outcomes.
Report Writing Consultant
Our consultants can design reports that allow you to enter data once and format this data to be used for multiple purposes. ie. Internal reporting, Customer Reporting, Management Reporting and executive reporting.
Bijingo Consulting Options

You can engage our consultants:

  • On a day by day basis
  • Fixed term contract
  • Or even purchase blocks of consulting that you draw down upon as you require


Our Professional Services team offers a number of implementation packages. These packages have been designed based on our client experiences.

We can also design an implementation plan and strategy that suits your business maturity and your Project Management processes and methodology. Our aim is for you to start seeing the benefits from Bijingo immediately and phase in the implementation of functions as you go and as maturity levels are met. Our aim is to add value immediately.

A Phased implementation strategy is the method of choice. Setting achievable short term goals delivers system benefits straight away.On-site implementation and coaching is part of our aim to get you up and running as quickly as possible we gather the key information required to get your organizations methodology and processes  working together with Bijingo. Once we have this information we can have you up and running within hours.

Standard Professional Enterprise
Training and Configuration review
Organisation Survey Questionnaire and Recommendations
Remote Configuration
Process Review
Process Documentation and Implementation
Remote Data Entry
On-site setup and configurating coaching
Advanced Configuration
Up to 20 Users$2,000.00 Approx Up to 50 Users$5,000.00 Approx Above 50 Users

Custom Development

We provide options for customers to get the outcome they want. Our custom development services can provide the additional work flows that get you the business benefit you are looking for.

We do integration to various systems including financial , hr and helpdesk to name a few. These integrations are often 1-2 days of development work of customising our exiting integration framework.

Our process for developing product enhancements outside our development plan allows customers to share development cost, while only paying for the reprioritisation of work and specific custom components. This allows us to deliver what our customers want in the appropriate time frame at an affordable cost.


Documents & Templates

Our consulting team can stream line your product implementation by translating you processes into Quick Reference Cards.

We use Quick Reference cards as a way to ensure your processes are linked to the product and if staff moves on the processes do not.

Some example Templates & Quick Reference Guides we have done for clients are:

Quick Reference Guides

  • Booking Time Against a Task Quick Reference Card
  • Creating an Ad Hoc Task Quick Reference Card
  • Team Member Quick Reference Card
  • Week End Checklist Quick Reference Card
  • Month End Checklist Quick Reference Card
  • Completing Your Project Log Quick Reference Card


  • Time-sheet policy template
  • Weekly Cycle Template
  • Project Approval Checklist


Bijingo provides options for customers to have a service that reflects the scale of their business. All customers get as part of the standard service level agreement a production environment and disaster recovery log-in, in the event of total system failure. Additional (optional) environments can be purchased to meet your business needs.

Additional Options:

Test Environment – This can be used for internal user acceptance testing of upgrades and general user testing like implementing a new security profiles and turning on new functionality.

Training Environment – This can be setup and maintained so that your users always have fresh training data available for user training.

Familiarization Environment – This is available for customers who want to, and are eligible to be involved with our UAT program.


Before any training takes place one of our experienced account managers will work with you through your training requirements and prepare a training plan that is aligned with your organizations processes.

Standard Professional Enterprise
Administrator Training
Team Member Training
Project Management Principles Training
Project Management Principles Training
Project Management Principles Training
Report Training
Program Manager Training
Planning and Scheduling Training
Resource Management Training
Senior Management Training
Up to 20 Users$2,000.00 Approx Up to 50 Users$5,000.00 Approx Above 50 Users


Level 1 Support included in your monthly SaaS agreement
Online Help
Help Desk Support – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (EST)
+613 9428 6400