Bijingo Timesheet Management

Be-Timely!  Have your resources track time spent  and record your expenses against projects. This is perfect for people who need to bill for time or claim a tax offset. Our timekeeping module allows you to track, bill, approve reject or even fill in time sheets on behalf of others. With the data stored in a central location you can analyse and improve the performance of your resources.

timeAll you need is a browser and an internet connection

Bijingo time allows your organization to collect time against projects. If you currently use excel or paper based time sheeting this is the solution for you.

Why use time?

  • Automate time collection
  • Track time spent
  • Analyse performance
  • Simplify billing


Manager entry

Enter time on behalf of members; allowing process to continue when staff are on leave.

Line Manager approvals

Ensures a quality check on data entry.

Project Manager approvals

All parties can buy into the timesheet management process.

Locking historical timesheets

Keep the corporate record intact should you ever get audited.

Team member time sheet entry

Quick, easy entry reduces double entry and improves reporting.

Planned versus actual reporting

Helps improve planning and estimation processes.

Task notes

Allows team members to record notes against tasks they have worked on.


Expenses claims

Team Members can record expenses against projects.

Time and cost reporting

Full suite of configurable time and cost reporting.

Timesheet event logs

Timesheet event logging for auditing and reporting.

Print to PDF

Save, print and send PDF copies of timesheets.

Timesheet reminders

Reduce overhead and better compliance to the organisation’s processes.