Bijingo Resource Management

In many modern organisations there is almost always more work than people to do the work. Resource management becomes one of the most challenging aspects of business. Planning your resources is one thing, but tracking and leveling them is a whole other challenge. This is made all the more complex when considering delivering multiple projects with the same pool of resources. Our Resource tools are designed to assist in efficient and effective deployment of your organisation’s resources when and where they are needed.

  • Plan Work
    Plan Work
    Plan and Monitor resource usage across the entire project with a number of high performance tools which allow you to see exactly what your resources have been assigned to and what they have done.
  • Manage Work
    Manage Work
    Resource Capacity Management can be achieved. The Swap Tool allows you to balance the work load by moving work from resource who are over allocated to resource who have the capacity to do it. The Assignment Authorization tool allows you to prioritize work so that your team only work on what is important.
  • Manage Users
    Manage Users
    The Resource Centre allows for the management of user accounts and user roles. Assigning user accounts allows your team members log into Bijingo and assigning them user roles determines what they can do. So of the typical user roles include project and resources management right and reporting rights.