Bijingo Project Management

Are you focused on the most important work? Bijingo allows you to slice and dice your project and portfolio information to ensure your team is focused. This will allow you to prioritise work with minimal disruption to your team. With the ability to turn on and off the features you want. You can start by simple and know that a full entreprise end to end workflow is available should you need it.

Bijingo makes it easy to group projects into portfolios and programs. You can now open and manage an entire portfolio of projects in a single screen. Our familiar Gantt style interface, allows full planning and scheduling functionality from a simple easy to use spreadsheet view.

Major project features include:


  • Project on a page reporting
  • Project Narrative reporting
  • Customer Work Request management
  • Project Approval
  • Stage gate
  • Audit Trails
  • Spreadsheet style data entry
  • Document Sharing
  • Gantt charts interface
  • Import and export templates
  • Resource and expense management
  • Data health checks
  • Multiple baselines
  • Multi Task resource allocation
  • Critical path scheduling
  • Drag and Drop Resourcing
  • Cross project dependencies
  • MSP Integration
  • Customised saved views
  • Project Calendaring
  • One click forecasting
  • Email notifications
  • Currecny conversion
  • BijingoTV youtube help channel