Bijingo IRC (issues, risks and change)

Be Prepared!

Track your issues, plan your risks and manage change using Bijingo. Consolidate for program and portfolio exception reporting. Because your data is in one place, you can produce complex reports in minutes, not days.


Centralize project issue management

Bijingo IRC (issues, risks and change) centre enables project and program managers to manage issues from a single point for a project, multiple projects or a program of work. Each of these items is supported with three levels of functionality, register an item, develop a plan for its resolution and allocate the work to implement the plan.

Why use IRC?

  • Reduce time producing reports
  • Standardize reports
  • Automate reports
  • Save money
Track via Issue Risk and Change console

Reduce risk by managing the inevitable change in projects.

Report on Issues, Risks and Changes

Keep your team and management informed on change and priority.

Automated history tracking

Save time on Issue and Risk auditing with built in logging of changes.

Simply enter, plan and track

Improve quality by entering, planning and tracking issues.

Service request functionality

Capture your ideas pipeline and better future planning.

Code items for reporting analysis

Categorise Issues and Risks for easy management and statistical analysis.

3 level implementation options

Avoid overhead by selecting the right level of implementation.

Control and visibility

Make processes transparent to all stake holders through a central system.

Risks convert to issues

Simplify issues and risks with quick conversion and tracking conversions.

Issues convert to risks

Simplify issues and risks with quick conversion and tracking conversions.

One click portfolio reports

Improve over project performance by exception reporting.

Email notifications

Let the system help notify relevant stakeholders with automated email alerts.