Bijingo overview

Bijingo is an online Project and Portfolio Management solution that provides the foundation for you to improve efficiency in managing resources, projects and tasks. Being delivered by “Software as a Service” means there is no need for your business to buy or install anything. You can access your portfolio from any computer through a secure online interface. This allows you to get started today and focus on what’s important to you.

Bijingo integrates your project management process to make one seamless, end to end project management system that can scale from one small project to managing thousands of resources and project simultaneously.

Key benefits:project

  • Visibility
  • Automation
  • Standardization
  • Cost Reduction
  • Measurement and Accountability

The Bijingo Advantage

Software as a Service (SaaS) is now an industry standard. Being a provider of hosted services for over 10 years you can rely on our service being there when you need it. Our offering is a quarterly or annual subscription for a number of users. This means no large up-front costs. Bijingo  also allows you to log-in from any computer with an internet connection. So why not start improving today?

Our software is hosted remotely so your business will not need to invest in additional hardware such as servers. Bijingo removes the need for companies to handle the installation, set-up and on-going maintenance of hardware required by traditional software. Using the Software as a Service model, b-smart portfolio is cost effective whilst also giving your business the correct tools to mange your projects to save time and money.

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