What is Bijingo?

Bijingo is an easy to use collaborative tool for managing all work within an organisation, business unit or department. Bijingo allows tasks to be gathered together into projects to enable better management of work. It provides a centralised repository for information with functionality to manage tasks, issues, risks and change requests, financial and human resources, time recording and organisational processes for projects or repeatable workflows.

Is the Software available outright?

Bijingo is more than just a piece of software; it also includes infrastructure, backups and constant software updates. This is why Bijingo is only available via a subscription. This also enables you to downsize or upsize your software plan with ease.

Can I host Bijingo on my own server?

We need to ensure that your business information is fast and secure, our servers are tailored for Bijingo. This is why Bijingo is only available on our servers.

Is it safe to use Bijingo?

Bijingo has selected Primus Telecom as our Data Centre provider to support the operation of Bijingo hosted Software as a Service (SaaS). Primus utilise the very best on offer within the hosting industry, the IDC prides itself on high bandwidth Internet connectivity, redundant power supplies, 5 physical layers of security, fire protection services and a qualified team of dedicated professionals operating 24×7 – all aimed at maintaining the integrity and performance of their customers’ needs. Basically, if you are comfortable using online banking, you should be comfortable using Bijingo.

I don’t want my employees seeing all the details of my business

Bijingo allows you to set different user permissions. A user might only be able to see his or hers timesheet while others can track issues. You are in total control of what everyone sees.

How is Bijingo different from Microsoft Project?

Bijingo is differentiated from more traditional Project Management applications such as Microsoft Project by providing more extensive tracking and communication functions in a more readily accessible and simple to use format. Also, Unlike Microsoft project, Bijingo is Software as Service (SaaS), which is a software delivery method that gives secure access to our software via an Internet browser. Bijingo also allows you to login from any computer with any operating system, with an Internet connection.

How will Bijingo benefit my business?

Contact us now and we will explain exactly how Bijingo can improve your business.