The Bijingo Mobile Timesheet App


Now Available from the App Stores

The Bijingo Timesheet App is now available for existing Bijingo customers from the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads and the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets.

Just search for Bijingo Timesheet and download for free.


Check out our video on our YouTube Channel showing you how to use the Bijingo Timesheet App.

Timesheet App Features

You can now update and submit your timesheets from anywhere using your favourite mobile device using the Bijingo Timesheet App.  From the App, you can

  • Record the time worked against assigned tasks
  • Update Task Progress, complete tasks and and enter Estimated Completion Date
  • Add daily comments to tasks
  • Manage and Submit your Timesheets

About the App

The Bijingo Mobile Timesheet App is an intuitive, easy to use Mobile Application. The following sections briefly outline the forms available in the application.

Login Page

To gain access to your timesheets, enter your Bijingo username (your email address) and password in the login page.  If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgotten Password link on the Login page and we’ll send you a new password to your email account. Go to the Setting page to log out of the application or change your password.

Weekly Timesheet

The Weekly Timesheet page displays daily totals and update details information for the selected weekly timesheet. The timesheet can also be submitted from this form.  To drill down into a selected day, just tap on the day from the Weekly Timesheet to open the Daily Task list page.

Daily Task List

The Daily Task list displays tasks which are assigned to you on the selected day. From this form, you can record the time you have worked or record comments against a tasks.  Tap on the Task to drill down to the Task Detail Page.  You can control the level of detail displayed on this page by updating options on the Settings page.

Task Detail Page

Task Detail Page displays detailed information about the tasks such as Status, Start and Finish date. The following actions can be performed from this page:

  • You can record time for the whole week from this view.
  • Task Comments can be added by tapping on the bubble icon, which will open the text box.
  • Update your progress and mark the task as completed when you finished.
  • Add the Estimated Completion date of task

Timesheet List

Timesheet List displays the list of historical timesheets. Timesheet for a particular week can be opened by selecting the particular row.


The Settings page allows you to update some of the view preferences. Password updates and app logout can also be performed from the Setting page.