Bijingo! An exclamation used to emphasize the truth

Bijingo Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a ‘can do’ attitude. We develop and host a comprehensive software as a service Project Management solution via the web. Bijingo is suitable for any organisation wanting to effectively manage projects, resources, time, issues, risks, changes and costs to realise planned business benefits.

Bijingo is designed to meet the needs of all project stakeholders. From the perspective of project managers, executive teams, resource managers and project team members. Bijingo provides a solution to reduce effort and ensure visibility of information to those who need it.

Our Mission

To enhance our client’s capability to realize the benefits of effective management of every project.

Our Vision

To create a global project community that facilitates and enables continuous improvement of project delivery capability for all community members.

Bijingo’s History

  • 2001 the first beta release
  • 2002 was the first software release
  • 2003 the first customer
  • 2004 second release
  • 2005 Hosted service began
  • 2006 1st Tier 1 Hosted Client
  • 2006 business model hosted (only)
  • 2007 Bijingo !
  • 2008 V4.0 Release
  • 2009 V4.1 Release
  • 2010 V4.2 Release
  • 2011 V4.3 Release
  • 2012 V4.4 Release
  • 2013 V4.5 Release and V4.6 Release
  • 2014 V4.7
  • 2015 V4.8
  • 2016 V4.8+ with Mobile timesheets
  • 2017 V4.8+ Intergreation
  • 2019 Bijingo moves to the Cloud……